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Bravo Stones international company and a world leader in Natural Stone and other decorative surfaces. Since its foundation in 2001 the company has grown and strongly expanded, becoming a global model in the Natural Stone industry, providing innovation and technology leadership.  Everyone says they have the best stone selection, they are the largest and the most affordable but come see for yourself what our has to offer before selecting anywher else.


Bravo Stones's main source of supply is its own quarries, which allows it to guarantee the supply of materials and deal with large-scale projects.


The company has three strategically located factories with the most advanced technology.


  Travertine, beige marble, grey marble, limestone, onyx and emperador in true TURKEY taste and tradition.
All clients are welcome to take photographs of our slabs and additionally, staff photos are available for your email, if requested.
Personalized Slab Selection
We will make every effort to help you find the perfect slab for your project. Our knowledgable staff can provide valuable information to help you kake the right selection.


This type of marble from the Burdur region has been used in a number of prestigious projects . Spider latte beige white marble represents the most expensive marble in the Bravo Stones Marble
The Company s first Light Emperador quarry is known as Emperador. It is open and producing, and operations are being ramped up to meet growing demand.
The Bravo Stones processing factory is fully operational with production carried out under the supervision of Turkish experts. The first of these was a block resining facility.  Some blocks need to be strengthened on the outside before they go to the gang saws in order to ensure an even cut.   This is achieved by vacuum sealing resin and fibreglass onto the surface of a block.  The block resining facility was designed and built locally.

The second was the company's first cut to size processing line.  This is a state of the art Italian CNC bridge cutter capable of producing high volumes of stone tiles and larger polygonal shapes.

we can make block, slab and cut to size.  The block market is primarily in countries which have their own stone processing industries such as India, China and Thailand.
Whether it is block from the quarries or processed stone from the factory, BRAVO STONES is proud to realise its strategic corporate vision of delivering its exclusive high quality marble and good safety packing to the world market at the most competitive prices possible.

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marble packing export turkey
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marble packing export turkey
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* Cash-in-Advance
* Letters of Credit (LCs)
* Documentary Collections (D/C)
* Open Account
* An open account transaction is a sale where the goods are shipped and * delivered before payment is due, which in international sales is typically in 30, 60  days.
* Consignment

How can I make my delivery?

EXW - Ex Works
Buyer will pay all freight charges from the seller door to the door at destination. The seller needs to ensure the freight is ready for shipping and provide all the correct documents i.e. commercial invoice and packing declaration. The buyer will have full control of the freight.

FOB - Free on Board
Seller will arrange through their freight forwarder the movement of the goods up to the origin port. The goods will then be the buyer’s responsibility. Their nominated forwarder will take control from here. Freight and destination costs will be charged to the buyer.

CFR - Cost & Freight
Costs from the seller’s door to the destination port will be paid by the seller. Given the seller is responsible for transportation, they also nominate the forwarder. The buyer will take care of the destination charges.

CIF - Cost, Insurance & Freight
Similar to CFR but the maritime insurance cost will be paid by the seller. Insurance cover will up to the destination port only

Partial load shipment?
Partial load (LTL) shipment does not take space for a full truck. Several partial shipments are consolidated in a truck and transported to the transshipment point or logistics center. In this point shipment is reloaded to another truck, which arranges delivery to consignee’s warehouse.